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Welcome to the Delphix reference documentation! This page is a reference guide for the most common error codes you see within the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform, specifically: faults, alerts, and exceptions. If you’re just getting started with Delphix, please start with our main product documentation.

This documentation is being created based on the most common error messages that our customers hit, and will be expanded upon regularly. If you have an error and could not find it within these pages, please contact Delphix Support.

The documentation is organized at the top level by the error code that we have created. For each error, there are two to four fields in the documentation:

  • Title: This provides a title that gives a quick understanding of the error code.
  • Description: The description is displayed in our GUI, and explains what caused the error that you ran into.
  • Action: The action explains how you might be able to resolve the error mentioned. In some cases, the product does not show any action text, in which case it will be labeled as “N/A” in these pages.
  • Severity: This tells the severity level of the error code. For example, INFORMATIVE.

In both Description and Action sections, you may see text such as {0} or {1}. These are variables that our GUI will display with the name of the object affected, such as the VDB name or the environment name.

Directory: Error Codes and Titles

You can navigate through this documentation in a number of ways. First, ensure you know either the error code or title of the message you are seeing within the Delphix GUI. This will differ based on the type of error you are seeing. Alternatively, you may enter your error code or title into the search bar above.