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Category Exception Description Action
Appdata exception.appdata.general.enabling.toolkit.mismatch The source is created from the toolkit “{0}” with the latest version “{1}”, while the installation was discovered with version “{2}”. Refresh environment “{3}” to re-discover the installation with the latest version of
the toolkit and try again.
Appdata exception.appdata.general.mount.failed Failed to mount volume for “{0}” on host “{1}”
Appdata The mount path cannot contain spaces. Modify the mount path and try again.
Appdata exception.appdata.general.unmount.failed Failed to mount volume for “{0}” on host “{1}”
Appdata exception.appdata.provision.invalid.timeflow.point.timestamp Application data can only be provisioned from snapshots, but there is no snapshot of “{0}” taken at {1}. Try the operation again with a timestamp that matches a snapshot of “{0}”.
Appdata exception.appdata.sync.copy.failed Could not copy files from “{0}” to “{1}” on host “{2}”. Check the robocopy log file on the host located at “{3}”.