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Generic DB

Category Exception Description Action Severity
Generic DB fault.genericdb.stagingdb.recreate.failed Recreating the staging database failed Recreating the staging database for dSource “{0}” on the staging environment
“{1}” and staging instance “{2}” failed. The staging database has to be recreated to be able to continue validated sync.
Generic DB fault.genericdb.validated_sync.failed Validated sync failed for dSource Validated sync failed for dSource “{0}”. {1} {3}
Generic DB fault.genericdb.vdb.quiesce.failed Could not quiesce VDB before upgrade Database “{0}” could not be quiesced before the upgrade which could have left
behind stale mounts on the target environment’s host. This may prevent the VDB from starting; If the VDB is reported
as running, you should verify that the database is still accessible. Note that if this VDB was enabled but stopped
before the upgrade the Delphix Engine did not attempt to quiesce it.
If the database is accessible, you can mark this fault as resolved, otherwise try stopping
the VDB and then starting it again. If the issue persists, the system administrator for the target host on which this
VDB is provisioned may need to take additional steps to address stale nfs mounts, such rebooting that host.