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Category Exception Description Action
ASE exception.db.ase.instance.backup_server.unreachable Unable to reach the local backup server instance from data server
instance “{0}”.
Make sure the backup server instance is running and accessible from data
server instance “{0}”.
ASE exception.db.ase.instance.find_threshold.during_shrink.failed Failed to shrink database “{0}” for instance “{1}”. Contact Delphix Support.
ASE exception.db.ase.instance.invalid.credentials The credentials provided for the user “{0}” on “{1}” on host “{2}” are not
Make sure the credentials are correct and that “{0}” is able to log into “{1}”.
ASE exception.db.ase.instance.jdbc_query.failed Failed to connect to instance “{0}” over JDBC. Make sure the instance is accepting remote connections over TCP, the instance is
not using a dynamic TCP port, and the SQL login “{1}” has privileges to connect to the instance.
Then refresh the environment and try again.
ASE exception.db.ase.instance.tx_log.full The transaction log of the master database for the instance “{0}” on “{1}” is full. Increase the log size and try again.
ASE exception.db.ase.instance.version.outofdate Version for ASE instance “{0}” on host “{1}” is out of date on Delphix. Refresh the environment “{2}” and try again.