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MS SQL Target

Category Exception Description Action
MS SQL Exporting target database “{0}” failed because there is insufficient
space left in “{1}”. Export requires {2} MB but there are only {3} MB available.
Free up space and try the operation again.
MS SQL Failed to view file “{0}” on host “{1}”. Make sure that user “{2}” has access to the file on the host.
MS SQL Failed to flush the file buffers of the volume with the mount path “{0}”
on host “{1}”.
Make sure that user “{2}” has administrative privileges on the host.
MS SQL Failed to grant user permissions on directory “{0}” on host “{1}” for
users: {2}.
Make sure the user “{3}” has permissions to modify permissions
on the directory on the host.
MS SQL Selected SQL Server “{0}” instance “{1}” on target host “{2}” is not
compatible for target database “{3}”.
Select an instance on the target host that is SQL Server version “{4}” or higher
and try again.
MS SQL Provision failed for target database “{0}” as transaction log backup(s) between
“{1}” and “{2}” are not present on the Delphix Engine when provisioning to “{3}”.
Select a provisioning point for which transaction log backups are present on the
Delphix Engine.
MS SQL Failed to run dlpxzfree on directory “{0}” on host “{1}”. Make sure that user “{2}” has permissions to access
the database files on the host.