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Category Exception Description Action
Toolkit Unable to create the user toolkit directory “{0}” under installation
directory “{1}” for user “{2}” on host {3}[{4}].
Make sure that the installation directory is writable by this user.
Toolkit Unable to access user toolkit under installation
directory “{0}” for user “{1}” on host {2}.
Make sure the user toolkit is accessible on the remote host. If the user toolkit
has been deleted or corrupted, refresh the environment to regenerate it.
Toolkit The latest version of the Delphix toolkit is currently not deployed on host Refresh the environment which contains host {0} to deploy the latest version of the
Delphix toolkit.
Toolkit exception.lua.toolkit.bug.discovered Bug discovered in version “{0}” of toolkit “{1}” while running the Lua script “{2}”. Contact Delphix Support. Check the debug log for details.
Toolkit Upgrading toolkit “{0}” from version “{1}” to “{2}” cannot be performed because there are enabled sources. Disable the following sources and try again: {3}.
Toolkit exception.toolkit.builtin.delete “{0}” is a built-in toolkit and cannot be deleted.
Toolkit exception.toolkit.cannot.update.schema The schema “{0}” in the “{1}” cannot be updated because there exist objects that conform to the original schema. Delete the following objects and try again:
Toolkit Newer versions of a toolkit must have upgrade logic. Add the following scripts to the ‘upgrade/{0}’ folder: upgradeSnapshot.lua, upgradeVirtualSource.lua, upgradeLinkedSource.lua
Toolkit exception.toolkit.schema.identity.field.missing The identifying field “{0}” is missing in the schema “{1}”
for the toolkit “{2}”.
Remove “{0}” from the list of identifying fields or add the field to the schema
and upload the toolkit again.