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ASE Environment

Category Exception Description Action
ASE exception.ase.environment.dump_history.not.enabled Dump History feature is not enabled for instance “{0}” on host “{1}”. Disable “Use Dump History” for the dSource or enable dump history for the instance.
ASE exception.ase.environment.dump_history.parse.failed Failed to parse dump history file “{0}”. Make sure the file is in the right format and has read permissions for user “{1}”.
ASE exception.ase.environment.envvar.sybase.not_set Failed to discover environment variable $SYBASE on host “{0}” Make sure that environment variable $SYBASE is set for user “{1}” on the host.
ASE exception.ase.environment.path.isql.not_set Failed to run a test query on host “{0}” as user “{1}” against instance “{2}” using the isql binary located at “{3}”. Make sure that the instance is up and running, and the path specifies the correct isql binary, that the binary is executable by the user on the host, and that the instance is accessible.