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Category Exception Description Action
Network exception.dsp.network_session_reset The network session with “{0}” was interrupted. Try the operation again after ensuring that the target node is reachable over the network.
Network The address “{0}” could not be configured on the interface. Make sure that the IP address is a valid unicast IPv4 address for the interface.
Network The gateway address “{0}” is not directly reachable. Make sure that the gateway address is correct and is on a directly attached subnet.
Network The provided route already exists in the routing table.
Network The Delphix Engine is unable to login to the remote Delphix Engine. Check the login parameters.
Network The network throughput test client process (iperf) stopped prematurely
on host “{0}”.
Check if the iperf process was killed manually on the host, and try again.
If the problem persists, contact Delphix Support.