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Category Exception Description Action
Upgrade An upgrade was attempted while unresolved critical check results exist. It is not safe to upgrade with unresolved critical checks. Address the issues as indicated by the upgrade check results and mark them as resolved.
Upgrade exception.upgrade.apply.version.failed Unable to create new datasets. Resolve the error and try again.
Upgrade exception.upgrade.cannot.upgrade.with.existing.checkpoint An unrecoverable error has occurred and must be corrected. (checkpoint) Contact Delphix support to resolve the issue.
Upgrade exception.upgrade.quiesce_sources.for_upgrade.failed The upgrade process failed to quiesce sources. Address the problems associated with the failed jobs and restart the upgrade.
You can view which sources had problems and why by looking at the job history.
Upgrade exception.upgrade.running Cannot delete the running version. Check inputs.
Upgrade exception.upgrade.unpack.failed Unable to unpack upgrade file “{0}”. Resolve the error and try again.
Upgrade exception.upgrade.verify.failed Verification of version “{0}” has failed for this Delphix Engine. It is not currently possible to upgrade to this version without Delphix support assistance. The error message was “{1}”. If this problem is not solvable, contact Delphix support to complete the upgrade.