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Category Exception Description Action
DHM Host refresh is not allowed as the system free space is below the
critical threshold of {0}.
Add more storage to the Delphix Engine or free up space by deleting
existing objects and try again.
DHM exception.dhm.install.jre.failed Failed to install JDK on host {1} [{2}]: See the error message for details.
DHM Java test failed; result: Investigate and resolve the issue blocking the Java test.
DHM exception.dhm.push.jre.failed Pushing JDK to host {0} [{1}]. Available space: {2} MB, Required space: {3} MB. Make sure there is sufficient disk space in the toolkit directory on the host to install the JDK.
DHM exception.dhm.push.toolkit.failed Cannot recreate the user toolkit directory {0} under installation directory {1} for
user {2} on host {3} [{4}].
Make sure that the installation directory is writable by this user.
DHM exception.dhm.refresh.time.out Refresh host failed because the system is busy.
DHM exception.dhm.toolkit.unarchive.failed Cannot extract archive file {0} from {1} to {2} on host {3} [{4}] Common toolkit on host {3} [{4}] may be in use by a DSP client session. Disable the
datasets on this host or restart the management stack and try the operation again.
DHM exception.dhm.unarchive.failed Cannot extract archive file {1} from {0} to {2} on host {3} [{4}]: Check that host {3} is available and has sufficient disk space. Correct the reported error
and try again.
DHM exception.dhm.unsupported.processor Unsupported processor type: {0} on host {1} [{2}]. Check for the latest release of supported processor types.